• FD-B4
  • FD-B4
  • FD-B4


  • Built prevented coaxial cable bending, improve work quality
  • Robots maintenance easier
  • Arm freestanding structure, unilateral dismantling, coaxial cable replacement faster and easier
  • Reducing mutual interference between the arm and fixture
  • Applied to arc welding, spot welding, cutting, gluing, handling and other functions in the field, able to cope with the production and processing of various requirements
Name FD-B4
Pattern NB4
Number of Axes 6
Max. Payload Capacity 4 kg
Positional Repeatability ±0.08 mm
Driving Capacity 2550 W
Working Range Arm J1(Rotation) ±170°(±50°)
J2(Lower arm) -155°~ +90°
J3(Upper arm) -170°~ +180°
Wrist J4(Swing) ±155°
J5(Bending) -45°~ +255°
J6(Twist) ±205°
Max. Speed Arm J1(Rotation) 3.66 rad/s {210°/s} (3.32 rad/s{190°s})
J2(Lower arm) 3.66 rad/s {210°/s}
J3(Upper arm) 3.66 rad/s {210°/s}
Wrist J4(Swing) 7.33 rad/s {420°/s}
J5(Bending) 7.33 rad/s {420°/s}
J6(Twist) 10.5 rad/s {600°/s}
Wirst Allowable Load Allowable Moment J4(Swing) 10.1 Nm
J5(Bending) 10.1 Nm
J6(Twist) 2.94 Nm
Allowable Moment Of Inertia J4(Swing) 0.38 kgm²
J5(Bending) 0.38 kgm²
J6(Twist) 0.03 kgm²
Arm Cross-sectional Area 2.94 m²  x 340°
Ambient Temperature / Humidity 0~45℃﹑20~80%RH
Mass (Weight) 154 kg
Upper Arm Max. Carrying Capacity 10 kg
Installation Method Floor-/Ceiling-/Wall-