• NACHI SC500
  • NACHI SC500


  • Heaviest payload in the industry designed to be used to transfer large and heavy parts such as automobile bodies
  • A 2,700mm horizontal stroke allows heavy and large parts to be easily moved without interfering with robot's body
  • Powerful 500kg payload robot with additional payload permitted on the upper arm
Name SC500
Type SC500
Number of Axes 6
Drive system AC
Wrist Pay Load Capacity ±0.5 mm
Positional Repeatability 500 kg
Maximum Speed Arm J1 (Rotation) ±2.62 rad (±150°)
J2 (Lower arm) -1.31~+0.96 rad(-75°~+55°)
J3 (Upper arm) -2.18~+0.52 rad(-125°~+30°)
Wrist J4 (Swing) ±5.24 rad (±300°)
J5 ±2.09 rad (±120°)
J6 ±6.28 rad (±360°)
Max. Speed Arm J1 (Rotation) 1.40 rad/s (80°/s)
J2 (Lower arm) 1.40 rad/s (80°/s)
J3 (Upper arm) 1.40 rad/s (80°/s)
Wrist J4 (Swing) 1.57 rad/s (90°/s)
J5 1.57 rad/s (90°/s)
J6 2.53 rad/s (145°/s)
Wirst Allowable Load Allowable Moment J4 (Swing) 1960 N・m
J5 1960 N・m
J6 980 N・m
Allowable Moment Of Inertia J4 (Swing) 200kg・m2
J5 200kg・m2
J6 147kg・m2
Ambient Temperature/Humidity 0~45°C
Environmental resistance Wrist has IP67 and main body has IP54 equivalent
Installation Method Floor mount
Mass (weight) 3000 kg