Triadtech Enterprise Co., LTD. was established more than 20 years, agents Japan welding robot manufacturer Japan OTC (DAIHEN Corporation) ROBOT, welding, cutting, handling, robotic automation applications such as spot welding and polishing. Recently released the latest type FD series ROBOT, significantly upgrading its performance and more light-weight, can reduce the set mounts, have been well received.

OTC in Japan of market accounted for rate near 40%, main to Automobile, Motorcycle, and movement equipment, and metal furniture, and mechanical industry mainly force guest group, domestic movement equipment, and metal furniture of manufacturers most are using OTC products, in recent years in bicycle, and stroller, and medical equipment, industry of customer, due to sharply using aluminum material welding, so, also development out MIG aluminum welding machine there are a number of specific performance.

OTC new FD series ROBOT, is equipped with dustproof and waterproof models with USB memory slot, to easily manage data cable thread, to make it easier to clean up, matching WB-M350L digital super low special welding slag welding machine, high speed and high quality welding and high speed serial communication with FD11 longitudinal upward.

Triadtech Enterprise Co., LTD. Shanghai Jiading, Guangdong Changan, Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese Hanoi and other places to set up strongholds, plus OEM support, can provide a complete service.

Therefore, competition with other operators are no longer than the price but can production line for customers planning, design and manufacture of jigs, and peripherals and system of mechanical and electrical integration, with TOTAL SOLUTION service to win customers. The General Manager Zhang Zhenghui said automation robots currently Taiwan still has a stable demand in China, Viet Nam and Middle East the demand is growing . we adopted the diversification, such as polishing, transport automatic there are a number of specific performance, allowing revenues to maintain stable growth. Triadtech Enterprise Co., LTD. Tel: (03) 321-8411, Shanghai Han: (021) 6952-1845.