• Increasing productivity due to faster speed
    • Simple device system can reduce the risk of failure
    • Designed for compact, lightweight and easy installation
    • Standard built-in secondary welding terminal (500A) for easy connection. Cables and hoses can be routed at center of rotation table to through-hole design. Thus, the welding jig can be simply connected
    Name Headstock Positioner
    Model Name AⅡ-1PC500 AⅡ-1PC1000
    A2 PC501 A2 PC1001
    Max. Payload Capacity 500kg 100kg
    Rotating Speed 2.1rad/s 1.3rad/s
    Allowable Rotating Torque 490N・m 1078N・m
    Position Repeatability ±0.1mm ( Position at R300mm )
    Stop Position Random
    Mass (Weight) 110kg 193kg