D-Broad Mini

    • Compatible with various unmanned vehicles AGV.
    • The distance between the sending and receiving coils is 40 mm, and it is also possible to charge stably.
    • Solve the problems caused by a series of wired charging such as sparks, electric shock accidents, and contact loss.
    • Compatible with a variety of power storage devices, can be continuously charged 15A or 30A.
    • The constant current constant voltage (CC-CV) charging mode is used to stabilize the output of the charging and power supply areas.
    • Achieved 24 hours of continuous operation, enhance the factory productivity.
    Name D-Broad Mini
    Power transmitting unit Number of phaases  Single/Three
    Rated input frequency 50/60Hz
    Rated input voltage 200V/220V±10%
    Rated input power 1.3KW
    Required power supply cppacity 1.5KW
    Weight 5KG
    External dimensions (WXDXH) 340×230×140mm (Excluding protrusions)
    Power transmitting coil unit External dimensions (WXDXH) 190×45×155mm (Excluding protrusions)
    Weight 2KG
    Power receiving unit Output voltage range 12~30V
    Maximum output current 20A
    Weight 1.6KG
    External dimensions (WXDXH) 145×135×80mm (Excluding protrusions)
    Power receiving coil unit External dimensions (WXDXH) 170×45×100mm (Excluding protrusions)
    Weight 1.5KG