• High Quality Welding In Low Current Range
    • Spatter Free with Digital Electronic Reactor
    • Stable Welding Quality by Penetration Adjustment Function
    • Perfect Arc Starts for reliable welding operations
    • Standard 4 Roll Feeder type with Encoder
    Model Name DM350Ⅲ
    Welding Power Source DM-353
    Phase / Rated Input Voltage 3 phases / Single phase  200/220V
    Rated Output Current / Rated Load Voltage 350A/36V
    Range of Output Current / Voltage 30~350A/12~36V
    Rated Duty Cycle 60%
    Weight / Dimensions( W x D x H ) 29kg(250×560×384mm)
    Wire Feeder Power Cable CM-7403(iron)
    Welding Torch BT1800-30(iron)、BT3510-30(iron)
    Gas flow rate regulator NP-201(CO2/MAG)