• NACHI LP130/180
  • NACHI LP130/180
  • NACHI LP130/180
  • NACHI LP130/180
  • NACHI LP130/180


  • Easily lift different shapes and sizes
  • Compact design reduces interference within a large operating range so work area layouts can be flexible and compact
  • Teaching operations are easy for novices to understand, interactive instructions are possible, automatic program generator
  • Spot and seam welding、Shipping and receiving (palletizing)、Material handling
Name LP130-01 LP180-01
Structure 關節形
Number of Axes 4
Payload Arm 130kg 180kg
Wrist 25kg
Positional Repeatability ±0.3mm ±0.4mm
Drive system AC
Working Range Arm J1(Rotation) ±3.14rad(±180°)
J2(Lower arm) +0.71~-1.65rad(+41°~-95°))
J3(Upper arm) +0.30~-2.04rad(+17°~-117°)
Wrist J4(Swing) ±6.28rad(±360°)
Max. Speed Arm J1(Rotation) 2.27rad/s(130°/s) 2.01rad/s(115°/s)
J2(Lower arm) 2.01rad/s(115°/s) 1.75rad/s(100°/s)
J3(Upper arm) 2.01rad/s(115°/s) 1.83rad/s(105°/s)
Wrist J4(Swing) 6.98rad/s(400°/s) 6.28rad/s(360/s°)
Wirst Allowable Load  Allowable Moment Of Inertia  J4(Swing) 50kg・m2 69kg・m2
Ambient temperature 0~45℃
Mass (Weight) 1150 kg
Setting method Floor mount