• Keyhole function use high-speed welding and high-quality welding
    • Pulse function can be changed freely Pulse number of cycles or Pulse Width, prevent twisting and welding wear
    • Understanding the function prevents the torch and consumable parts of the torch burning
    • Double crater manner can inhibit electrode consumption, stable output for a long time
    Model Name Welbee Inverter F300P
    Cutting Power Source WB-F300P
    Phase / Rated Input Voltage 200/220V(50/60Hz)
    Phase 3 phases
    Freeze into force 16.3kVA(14.4 kW)
    Rated output current(A) 15 70 100 150 200
    Rated load voltage(V) 28.6 30.8 32 34 36
    Output Current Range(A) 0.5~15 10~70 10~100 10~150 10~200
    No-load voltage(V) 164/178
    Quality (inches France) 86kg (395X710X820 mm)