• NACHI SRA166/210-01
  • NACHI SRA166/210-01
  • NACHI SRA166/210-01

NACHI SRA166/210 Handing Robot

  • Robot motion makes minimum cycle times unbeatable. Light weight and high rigidity design makes high acceleration and minimum vibration. Maximum speed on all axes reduces cycle time. Improved productivity by these design
  • Improved motor drive controls for accurate positioning and repeatability
  • Power consumption reduced 15% from existing model by reducing the robot’s weight by 20% and using newest motor drive controls
Name SRA166-01 SRA210-01
Articulated construction
Number of Axes
Payload Arm 166kg 210kg
Positional Repeatability ±0.1mm ±0.15mm
Drive system
Working Range Arm J1(Rotation) ±3.14rad(±180°)
J2(Lower arm) +1.05~-1.40rad(+60°~-80°))
J3(Upper arm) +2.62~-2.56rad(+150°~-146.5°)
Wrist J4(Swing) ±6.28rad(±360°)
J5 +2.36rad(±135°) ±2.27rad(±130°)
J6 ±6.28rad(±360°)
Max. Speed Arm J1(Rotation) 2.18rad/s(125°/s) 2.01rad/s(115°/s)
J2(Lower arm) 2.01rad/s(115°/s) 1.83rad/s(105°/s)
J3(Upper arm) 2.11rad/s(121°/s) 1.97rad/s(113°/s)
Wrist J4(Swing) 3.14rad/s(180°/s) 2.44rad/s(140/s°)
J5 3.02rad/s(173°/s) 2.32rad/s(133°/s)
J6 4.54rad/s(260°/s) 3.49rad/s(200°/s)
Wirst Allowable Load  Allowable Moment J4(Swing) 951N・m 1337N・m
J5 951N・m 1337N・m
J6 490N・m 720N・m
Allowable Moment Of Inertia  J4(Swing) 88.9kg・m2 141.1kg・m2
J5 88.9kg・m2 141.1kg・m2
J6 45.0kg・m2 79.0kg・m2
Ambient temperature 0~45℃
Mass (Weight) 960 kg 990kg
Setting method Floor , elevation above sea level 1.000m following