• FD-V166
  • FD-V166
  • FD-V166


  • FD-V166 easy operation, simple structure, speed, performance has been further improved robot
  • Maintenance is simple, easy maintenance, low cost system construction, high performance
  • The most suitable handling operations
  • By shortening the line with a high density mounting, in order to reduce the cost of the device
Name FD-V166
Pattern FD-V166
Number of Axes 6
Max. Payload Capacity 166 kg
Positional Repeatability ±0.051mm
Driving Capacity 18kW
Working Range Arm J1(Rotation) ±180°
J2(Lower arm) -80° ~ +60°
J3(Upper arm) -146.5° ~ +150°
Wrist J4(Swing) ±360°
J5 ±135°
J6 ±360°
Max. Speed Arm J1(Rotation) 2.18 rad/s {115°/s}
J2(Lower arm) 2.01 rad/s {105°/s}
J3(Upper arm) 2.11 rad/s {113°/s}
Wrist J4(Swing) 3.14 rad/s {140°/s}
J5 3.02 rad/s {133°/s}
J6 4.54 rad/s {200°/s}
Wirst Allowable Load   Allowable Moment J4(Swing) 951 N・m
J5 951 N・m
J6 490 N・m
Allowable Moment Of Inertia   J4(Swing) 88.9kg・m²
J5 88.9kg・m²
J6 45kg・m²
Arm Cross-sectional Area 6.59m2  x 360°
Ambient Temperature / Humidity 0~45°C﹑20~85%RH
Mass (Weight)    1010 kg
Upper Arm Max.
Carrying Capacity
45kg (max90kg)
Setting method Floor-/Ceiling-