• NACHI MC20

NACHI MC20 Handing Robot

  • Wide envelope and environment protection makes MC20 valuable robot for various kind of manufacturing processes
  • Easy installation by compact design, and powerful wrist supports to transfer large or heavy works
Name MC20-01
Pattern Articulated construction
Number of Axes 6
Drive system AC
Working Range Arm J1(Rotation) ±3.14rad(±180°)
J2(Lower arm) +1.05~-2.53rad(+60~-145°)
J3(Upper arm) +4.22~-2.84rad(+242~-163°)
Wrist J4(Swing) ±3.14rad(±180°)
J5 ±2.42rad(±139°)
J6 ±6.28rad(±360°)
Max. Speed Arm J1(Rotation) 2.96rad/s (170°/s)
J2(Lower arm) 2.96rad/s (170°/s)
J3(Upper arm) 2.96rad/s (170°/s)
Wrist J4(Swing) 6.28rad/s (360°/s)
J5 6.28rad/s (360°/s)
J6 10.5rad/s (600°/s)
Wirst Allowable Load   Allowable Moment J4(Swing) 49N・m
J5 49N・m
J6 23.5N・m
Allowable Moment Of Inertia J4(Swing) 1.6kg・m2
J5 1.6kg・m2
J6 0.8kg・m
Position repeat accuracy ±0.06mm
Maximum working air pressure 0.49MPa (5.0kgf / cm2) or less
Ambient temperature 0~45°C
Setting method Floor mounted,Ceiling mounted
Environmental resistance Meets the IP65 standard (for dust and waterproofing)
Mass (Weight)    220kg