• NACHI     MC35/50/70
  • NACHI     MC35/50/70
  • NACHI     MC35/50/70

NACHI MC35/50/70 Handing Robot

  • The new MC (35/50/70kg) has a std.IP54 rating for the body,(optional IP65/IP67) and std.IP67 for the arm/wrist
  • Maximum reach of 2,050mm, (best in class)
  • Strong wrist torque can handle a large variety of applications
Name MC35-01 MC50-01 MC70-01
Structure Articulated construction
Number of Axes 6
Max.operating area Arm 35kg 50kg 70kg
Wrist 15kg
Positional Repeatability ±0.07mm
Drive system AC
Working Range J1 ±2.88rad(±165°)
J2 +1.39~-2.35rad(+80°~-135°)
J3 +4.54~-2.55rad(+260~-146°)
J4 ±6.28rad(±360°)
J5 ±2.18rad(±125°)
J6 ±7.84rad(±450°)
Max. Speed J1 3.23rad/s(185°/s) 3.14rad/s(180°/s) 3.05rad/s(175°/s)
J2 3.14rad/s(180°/s) 2.53rad/s(145°/s)
J3 3.32rad/s(190°/s) 3.14rad/s(180°/s) 2.88rad/s(165°/s)
J4 5.32rad/s(305°/s) 4.45rad/s(255/s°) 4.10rad/s(235°/s)
J5 5.32rad/s(305°/s) 4.45rad/s(255/s°) 4.10rad/s(235°/s)
J6 7.33rad/s(420°/s) 6.46rad/s(370°/s) 6.11rad/s(350°/s)
Allowable Moment J4 160N・m 210N・m 300N・m
J5 160N・m 210N・m 300N・m
J6 90N・m 130N・m 150N・m
Allowable Moment Of Inertia J4 16kg・m2 30kg・m2
J5 16kg・m2 30kg・m2
J6 5kg・m2 12kg・m2
Ambienttemperature 0 ~ 45° C
Mass (Weight) 640kg
Setting method Floor