2017 Commercial Times Automatic Machinery Exhibition(Tainan)
Place: Commercial Exhibition Center Tainan
Date: 4/14-4/18
GMA Synchronous Push-pull Device,Low Slag Limit
OTC GMA Synchronous Push-pull Device...
OTC DAIHEN 7th –Axis Robots
FD-B4S、FD-V6S Seventh-Axis Robot allows ..
Simultaneous Global Launch of the World’s Fastest and Lightest Compact Robot (MZ04)
At this time, we are launching the “MZ04” as...
Global Launch of "MZ07",the World's Fastest Lightweight and Compact Robot
NACHI-Fujikoshi has developed the MZ07...
Welding equipment manufacturer OTC「FD series」Welding Robot Industrial Automation is a good helper
Japan's largest welding equipment manufacturer of OTC in November 2011 in Japan Tokyo ...
Triadtech Enterprise Co., LTD. Provide  Robotic Automation Systems Services
OTC ( DAIHEN Corporation) is the biggest and most professional arc Welding / Cutting equipments and ROBOT manufacturer...
OTC sales performance automation welding robot guidance proud
OTC is Japan's largest specialized manufacturer of welding equipment, welding technology as a leader...
Launched last year, the highest level of OTC welding robot system ALMEGA PREMIUM
Triadtech Enterprise Co., LTD. for mastering the bicycle industry trends and the introduction of the highest levels of welding robot systems...